Local Voices matter

The November/December 2023 Local Voices survey is now closed.

Data is being analyzed and results will be shared soon!

Local Voices surveys are conducted twice a year and help Eagle Mine to understand what matters most to the communities they work alongside. Register today to be notified by email when the next survey is available.


Voconiq Local Voices is a unique community engagement program based on research conducted by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO. Eagle Mine has engaged us to provide communities neighboring its' operations with the opportunity to express their views and experiences.

Voconiq Local Voices project aims to improve engagement between Eagle Mine and your community by increasing understanding and generating better relationships and outcomes. Eagle Mine has committed to using community insights in their decision-making, and while they may not be able to solve every issue raised, the business will be better informed on the things that matter most to your local community.


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We support the communities we work in through the Voconiq Local Voices Community Rewards Program. This allows eligible community groups (such as schools, charities, and not-for-profit clubs and organisations) within the region of the study to nominate for donations. *Terms & conditions apply

Every time a survey is completed, community members can assign a donation token to one or more community groups registered with Voconiq Local Voices in their area.

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What you’ve told us

Thank you to those who shared their feedback previous surveys. You can explore the insights here:


Local Voices は Voconiq が提供する専門サービスで、産業運営に関する草の根レベルのあらゆる意見を収集します。これは、組織が特定のコミュニティ内およびその周辺での会社の運営に対するコミュニティの態度を長期的に定期的に分析するための方法です。これにより、事業所に隣接するコミュニティに会社の声が届けられ、ビジネス上の意思決定に情報を提供することができます。

コミュニティ内の主要な信頼要因を理解するために詳細な「アンカー」調査 (またはベースライン) が実施され、その後、時間の経過に伴う変化を追跡するために定期的な「パルス」調査が行われます。アンケートは、オンライン、モバイル、ペンと紙、または簡単な電話インタビューを通じて行うことができます。

さらに、すべてのアンケートは、Voconiq Local Voices Community Reward Program を通じて地元の非営利団体の収益を得るのに役立ちます。アンケートが完了するたびに、コミュニティ メンバーは Voconiq に登録されている 1 つ以上のコミュニティ グループに寄付を割り当てることができます。