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Rural industries play an important role in our country and includes a broad range of industries from beef, dairy and pork to cotton, wood and grains, from fish and eggs to sugar and milk. These industries produce much of Australia's food and textiles, which are grown or produced all around the country.

In this survey, we were seeking opinions on a broad range of topics relating to experiences and perceptions of Australian agriculture industries.

The survey has now closed and our team are busy analysing the data. We look forward to sharing the insights with the community soon.

¿Qué es Voconiq?

The Community Perceptions and Workforce Experiences' Survey is being conducted by Voconiq, an independent community engagement and data science company. Using a proven science-based approach, developed over a decade within CSIRO, Voconiq records community views and opinions across the world, providing companies, industry and government with valuable insights to inform business practices and help communities shape their future.

Preguntas frecuentes

Voconiq es una empresa de ciencia de datos, investigación y participación comunitaria que cierra la brecha entre las comunidades y las empresas, industrias y gobiernos que trabajan dentro y junto a ellas. Voconiq se estableció en 2019 para acelerar más de una década de investigación sobre la naturaleza de las relaciones entre las comunidades y quienes trabajan junto a ellas.