To complement the engagement that Transgrid's team do across their various projects and operations, Transgrid has engaged Voconiq to use our Local Voices tool to assess and monitor community attitudes to its operations. Community members from across New South Wales are invited to participate in an ongoing series of surveys to identify the needs, expectations, and issues of local communities in which Transgrid operates. This will help inform their decision-making and engagement with local communities.

Get involved

  • Help Transgrid understand what’s important to you and provide better outcomes for your community
  • Results are shared online and summarise key priorities and concerns
  • Transgrid has committed to using community feedback to shape its decision making and business planning
  • 100% confidential - no personal information is shared with Transgrid
  • To thank you for your time and input a donation will be made to a charity active in your local area

The 2022 survey is now closed. Analysis is underway.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Data is being analysed and results will be available soon - watch this space!

Results will be shared.

Voconiq will work with Transgrid to share back the findings from this research with community members on this page.

Follow-up surveys are coming soon!

Register today and have your say in the follow-up surveys, which will be undertaken every 6 months.

About Local Voices

Voconiq Local Voices is a unique community engagement program based on research conducted over a decade by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, and aims to increase understanding, build trust and strengthen relationships.

Local Voices will help Transgrid engage with the issues that matter most to the communities they work alongside. Surveys are managed by Voconiq so all responses are confidential. No personal information is shared with Transgrid. Results are shared back with the community, here on this website, so everyone can see and harness the power of the insights to support stronger community outcomes.

How we work with you

Local Voices will provide the communities a way to express their views and experiences directly to Transgrid, and help them engage on the issues that matter most to the community. While Transgrid's staff may not be able to solve every issue raised, they will be better informed on the things that matter most to your local community.

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Community Rewards

We support the communities we work in through the Voconiq Local Voices Community Rewards Program.

Every time a survey is completed, community members can assign a donation. It's our way of thanking you for your time and insights and supporting those groups so that they can continue their great work in the community.

For this first ‘Anchor’ survey, a total of $10,000 in donations will be made to three charitable organisations.

  1. CanAssist
  2. Country Education Foundation of Australia
  3. Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal

On completion of the survey, you'll be able to allocate tokens for these organisations to receive either a $5000, $3500 or $1500 donation.

Then, at each follow-up ‘pulse’ survey, a total of $5,000 in donations will be made and another three organisations will be nominated to receive a $2500, $1500 or $1000 donation.

Participation helps community groups you care about!