Mates 4 Mates Goldfields

Every completed Local Voices survey means a donation of $10 can be allocated to a registered community group in Kalgoorlie.

One of those groups is Mates 4 Mates Goldfields-Esperance.

What is Mates 4 Mates Goldfields?

Mates 4 Mates Goldfields-Esperance is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of depression and suicide. The group is completely run by volunteers that are 'everyday' people from the community, who have often either experienced loss of a loved one or have themselves suffered from depression. They hold regular meetings and events that are open to all community members to discuss mental health and spread the message though out the community that 'it is okay not to be okay'.

Depression can affect anyone, and doesn't discriminate; nor do we at Mates 4 Mates Goldfields Esperance

The president of Mates 4 Mates Goldfields, Kateryna Nikolaiyjenko, hopes that the organisation can help guide others seeking professional help in the right direction, learn how to support a loved one and also feel like they are not alone. It can sometimes be hard to know how and where to reach out and ask for help, and the aim of Mates 4 Mates Goldfields is to support those trying to navigate through and be there for one another.

       "Sometimes all you may need is for someone who will listen to you with an understanding ear and a non-judgemental approach"

As well as supporting individuals in the community, Mates 4 Mates Goldfields provide Suicide Alertness for Everyone training workshops for organisations and groups to provide the tools to identify and link a person suffering depression or thoughts of suicide with support.

       "We aim to help towards making our community a suicide-safer community."

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