Turning insight into action

Actions speak louder than words

Rio Tinto values regular feedback from the community through the Local Voices program, which has already helped to inform and guide their work with communities in the Pilbara.

One of the key issues identified in the pilot program was about wanting to understand how Rio Tinto was using the data we’re collecting – how is that data helping Rio Tinto focus on what matters?

We heard from many of you that you really care that Rio Tinto actively uses the data and that some of you said you weren’t sure how much Rio Tinto actually listens to the feedback they are getting.

Some of the issues we help them understand through Local Voices are complex, so making changes to address them takes time. While some issues can be addressed by Rio Tinto alone, others require the input and collaboration of multiple organisations and stakeholders. So, while often it can feel like no action is being taken, often a lot is happening behind the scenes. 

Who in Rio Tinto sees the results of the surveys?

It is a common misconception that the results from the Local Voices surveys are only used by the Community Engagement team. While the Community Engagement team is a key conduit between the company and community, results from the Local Voices surveys are used to inform decisions across Rio Tinto, at a range of levels up to and including the Executive Team.

Rio Tinto wants to be a valued local mining company and build strong local communities and we’re helping to do this by providing a voice from within your community.

After every survey, results are shared and discussed with a ‘working group’ dedicated to hearing about, reflecting on, and discussing the Local Voices survey results. This working group is cross-functional, so many different parts of the business hear and discuss the results; including but not limited to:

  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Community Investment
  • Finance
  • Communications
  • Corporate Relations
  • Health, Safety
  • Environment

Results are sent to more than 140 key positions across Rio Tinto

After every survey, a summary of the results is also sent to the General Manager of each Rio Tinto operation, and they then also present key messages to mine staff at each quarterly ‘State of the Nation’ address. Rio Tinto is also actively using its internal communication channels to help increase awareness among its broader employee base.

Your input linked to action by Rio Tinto

What your feedback in the pilot program highlighted, is that we need to do a better job communicating just how far and wide within Rio Tinto the data is received and digested.  We need to share the impact that your input is having, and work with Rio Tinto to do the same from their perspective. So, to get the ball rolling, here are some examples where the impact of Local Voices surveys (i.e. your input) can be explicitly linked to action Rio Tinto has taken:

West Pilbara Turtle Program 2019-20

“Following the feedback we received from the CSIRO Local Voices surveys, we’re prioritising our investments into key themes which are important to the local communities in which we live and work,”

General Manager Ports Cape Lambert, Chris Osborn


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State of the art childcare in Tom Price

Rio Tinto is listening to feedback from our Local Voices surveys and will continue to invest in areas important to our community. We remain committed to improving the quality of the town’s assets, creating more regional jobs, and maximising occupancy of company housing.”

Rio Tinto General Manager Greater Tom Price operations, Jamie Robinson 

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Bringing back local facing Facebook

In response to feedback and suggestions received in Local Voices surveys, Rio Tinto is inviting community members to join their Facebook Groups dedicated to your local community. All community members are welcome to join! To join, use the link below to Facebook and request to join the groups relevant to you.

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$1 million to Ashburton COVID-19 relief package

The Shire has developed a very broad and extensive relief package and we are pleased to contribute $1 million to support this work. This will assist the response and recovery efforts of local organisations and businesses, which aligns with the community’s feedback we receive through the Local Voices surveys.

Paraburdoo Operations General Manager, Kent Franey 

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$1 million boost to Karratha COVID-19 support packages

We listen to the community’s feedback through Local Voices and understand the importance to fund initiatives that support community recovery and resilience, which is why we’ve contributed $1 million to the City to assist with their economic stimulus initiatives and community support.”

Dampier Ports Operations General Manager, Tim McDougall

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