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The 2023 community survey has now closed.

Powerlink Queensland has engaged Voconiq to help community members across Queensland express their views about a range of issues related to Powerlink and renewable energy development, in particular.

Research examining the sentiment of community members toward renewable energy development and Powerlink, specifically, was conducted across Southern Queensland (SQ) in mid-2021 and Central (CQ) and Far North Queensland (FNQ) in mid-2022.

Research continued in 2023 and in October community members were once again invited to participate in the survey series. The information collected will be used by Powerlink Queensland to assist in supporting their day-to-day business operations and their future planning, particularly around renewable energy development.

Results coming soon!

How Local Voices works

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What you told us in 2021/22

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021/22 community survey. The 2021/22 results are now available and the 2023 results will be available soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Local Voices is a specialised service offered by Voconiq which captures a full spectrum of opinion at a grassroots level around an industrial operation. It is a way for organisations to conduct a long-term regular analysis of community attitudes to the company’s operations in and around specific communities. It gives the communities neighbouring the operations a voice that is being heard by the company and is helping to inform business decision making.