The Local Voices 'pulse' survey is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the March survey. Our team is analysing the data and we look forward to sharing the insights with Port Waratah and the Newcastle community soon.

The next survey is scheduled for September 2024.

If you would like to be notified when future surveys take place register your details below. Surveys are conducted twice a year and help to inform Port Waratah's decision-making and planning.

About Local Voices

This is the 6th year of Local Voices surveys for Port Waratah, which has been delivered to the Newcastle community since 2018.  

Voconiq Local Voices is a unique community engagement program based on research conducted by Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, that aims to increase understanding, build trust, and strengthen relationships.

Local Voices provides the communities neighbouring Port Waratah's operations a way to express their views and experiences directly to the company, and help the company engage with the issues that matter most to these communities. While the company may not be able to solve every issue raised, the business will be better informed on the things that matter most to your local community.

Your participation is 100% confidential - with no personal data shared with Port Waratah.

How we work with you

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Community Rewards

We support the communities we work in through the Voconiq Local Voices Community Rewards Program. This allows eligible community groups (such as schools, charities, and not-for-profit clubs and organisations) within the region of the study to nominate for donations. *Terms & conditions apply

Every time a survey is completed, community members can assign a donation token to one or more community groups registered with Voconiq Local Voices in their area.

Your voice can help the community groups you care about!

What you’ve told us

Thank you to everyone across Newcastle who shared their feedback in the last 'pulse' survey, which was conducted in September 2023.

The results are now in! Explore the insights from this and all past surveys here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Local Voices is a specialised service offered by Voconiq which captures a full spectrum of opinion at a grassroots level around an industrial operation. It is a way for organisations to conduct a long-term regular analysis of community attitudes to the company’s operations in and around specific communities. It gives the communities neighbouring the operations a voice that is being heard by the company and is helping to inform business decision making.

A detailed 'anchor' survey (or baseline) is conducted to understand the key trust drivers in the community, followed by regular 'pulse' surveys to track changes over time. Surveys can be completed online, on mobile, pen and paper, or through brief phone interviews.

In addition, every survey can help earn money for local not-for-profit groups through the Voconiq Local Voices Community Reward Program. Every time a survey is completed, community members can assign a donation to one or more community groups registered with Voconiq.