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"Saltwater Country is a beacon of empowerment and unity, dedicated to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Aboriginal people. We intertwine the legacy of land, horses, and stockmanship pride to drive positive change in Indigenous communities. In a world rapidly losing touch with its roots, our audience seeks genuine connections.
They resonate with the strength, resilience, and unity of the Aboriginal people. Saltwater Country offers them a platform to engage, support, and be part of a movement that celebrates cultural legacy while driving positive community change. The blend of agriculture, Indigenous development, and western sports events is unique. It not only preserves and promotes cultural heritage but also provides economic opportunities, community engagement, and a platform for youth empowerment. This holistic approach addresses multiple facets of our communities aspirations, making it indispensable.
Rewards from Voconiq will help fund Saltwater Academy our training and development arm which focuses on Agriculture, Project Management and Creative Industries training in Indigenous Communities in Northern Australia."

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