Low Head Community Garden Inc.

Participants of the Local Voices survey can choose which group can benefit from their time. One of the groups for Bell Bay is the Low Head Community Garden.

"The Community Garden was established to provide an important space for meaningful activity (gardening), a community meeting place and a safe haven for all community members of Low Head and George Town particularly those with mental health issues, older, lonely and bereaved members and it has become the learning environment for several youth disengaged from school or looking for alternative educational options.
Since establishment almost two years ago, the Garden has over 200 'Friends of the Garden' who regularly attend and volunteer their time and skills at working bees and for other programs and events held in this beautiful space. The Garden has been the background for a citizenship ceremony and a very moving recognition of Remembrance Day last weekend. Rewards from Voconiq Local Voices will benefit the Garden by providing us with funds for essential purchases of basic materials such as plants, plant food and soil. "



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