The George Town Neighbourhood House

Every completed Local Voices survey unlocks donations for local not-for-profit organisations in your local area, to help them continue their incredible work. One of those groups is The George Town Neighbourhood House.

Neighbourhood House


"Our mission is to actively address the structural disadvantages within the George Town Municipality, guided by our unwavering philosophy, principles, and practices.
We are driven by the following objectives:
1. Support Disadvantaged People and Their Families: Our dedicated efforts are focused on providing crucial support to individuals and families facing adversity. We strive to empower them, offering a helping hand when it is needed the most.
2. Relieve Suffering and Distress: Compassion lies at the core of our work. We work tirelessly to alleviate suffering and distress within our community, extending our support to those experiencing challenging circumstances.
3. Respond to Community Imploration: We believe in being responsive to the needs and aspirations of our community. By listening attentively, we can tailor our initiatives and programs to effectively address the pressing concerns voiced by those we serve.
4. Build a Supportive and Resilient Community: Together, we foster a spirit of unity and resilience within our community. By promoting social cohesion, organizing engaging events, and facilitating opportunities for growth, we strengthen the bonds that make our community thrive.
Donations raised will go towards program delivery and staffing to make sure that we provide opportunities for community to connect, feel less isolated, gain skills and confidence, have something to look forward to, make friends and have positive interactions with service and community. We raise a lot of funds to host community events such as The New Years Extravaganza and The Great Give Away. "


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