Community Living Association - Singability


Meet Singability - one of the community groups registered for Local Voices Rewards.

"The Voconiq Local Voices rewards would help with the ongoing funding of our Singability choir. Singability is a singing group for people with disability, that originated to alleviate the isolation and mental health issues arising from the pandemic.
Since it's inception Singability has gone to establish a regular community wide singing group of approximately 35 people of all ages and abilities. The Pilot program was originally funded through Lotterywest. The mental health benefits of social signing and music have been proven extensively. It has also been shown that community singing is effective for bonding large groups, making it ideal for our participants to improve broader social networks and gain a sense of purpose and belonging which are essential to good mental health.
Singability allows participants to connect with others who share their experiences and communication needs. Singing helps them to express themselves more effectively, and to participate more fully in society. Being part of this group also provides a sense of community for people with disabilities. It can help to combat isolation and loneliness, and provide opportunities for socialising and making new friends. Through this project our participants can also develop their skills and confidence so that they can advocate for their needs or expressing themselves in other contexts."

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