Southcoast Volunteer Bushfire Brigade

Participants of the Local Voices survey can choose which group can benefit from their time. One of the groups based in Albany is the Southcoast Volunteer Bushfire Brigade.

Volunteer Bushfire brigade
"Southcoast Volunteer Bushfire Brigade (SCVBFB) are one of the most active Brigades in the Albany area. We are responsible for the protection of large sections of the coastal fringes of Albany. SCVBFB has a wide range of members of all ages and genders and we are very good at supplying crews for most bushfire emergencies in the area, we also support deployments to other areas of the state and overseas. The brigade is supported by monthly training led by other senior brigade members, this helps us to ensure that all our members can maintain a high skill level for the dangerous environment we work in. The rewards from Voconiq Local Voices will help us to purchase new specialist equipment for the brigade that isn't covered by the City of Albany or DFES, such as Ipad mounts for the trucks to allow us to utilise the latest technology in the field."

So when you complete your Local Voices survey, consider allocating your donation to Southcoast Volunteer Bushfire Brigade.

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