Cycling Without Age

For every Local Voices survey completed, we make a donation to one of the local community groups registered for Rewards.

Participants of the survey can choose which group can benefit from their time. One of the groups based in Albany is Cycling without Age:


"Our volunteer cyclists take elderly or people unable to ride out for a free bike ride on our specially built e-trishaws. We now have 3 plus a trailer, but find it difficult to raise sponsorship to pay for insurance that includes our public liability and volunteer cover as well as our equipment.
Most grants exclude “operational” expenses, so our volunteers have to spend time fundraising when they could be giving more rides and more joy to our passengers; fresh air, a change of scenery, and most importantly, conversations and stories. Our volunteer “pilots” get as much help pleasure from the rides as the passengers.
We would be thrilled if Local Voices donations would help us pay for the insurance that lets us keep our community connected by delivering joy to some of our most vulnerable people."


Cycling Without Age

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