Voices from the heart
of your community

Voconiq Local Voices is a unique community engagement program developed over 10 years within Australia's national science agency, CSIRO.

Community Voice

We give communities, across Australia and around the world, the opportunity to confidentially express their views and experiences with industry or organisations in their local area. The independent, valuable insights generated by the program help companies and communities build stronger relationships.

Community Rewards

We support the communities we work in through our Voconiq Local Voices Community Rewards Program. Every time a survey is completed, community members can assign a donation to one or more community groups registered with Voconiq Local Voices in their area.

Helping Industry

For industry, we provide ongoing real time measurement of community attitudes and opportunity for social insights. By changing the way industry engages with the communities in which they operate, we can build greater trust. Companies can make more informed decisions and prioritise investment of resources and energy into the issues that matter most to their community relationships.

Data Heart

We are built on science and powered by technology. Our sophisticated data analytic models and platform aggregate and analyse community survey data, creating a powerful global database able to benchmark information across communities, companies, industries or countries in real time and over time.

How we work with you

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We start the Local Voices process by getting a good understanding of what makes your community tick and the nature of your relationships with companies and local government in your area.


Every time you complete a Local Voices survey, you'll help a local not-for-profit group that has registered with us for donations. Each survey equals cash for local groups to do their great work in the community.


We make sure your data is stored secure and the confidentiality of your views protected - we only share aggregated survey data with Local Voices customers and never share your personal information with anyone.


It's not only our customers that will hear your voice, aggregated data is also shared back with the community through a dedicated project page. In this way everyone can see and harness the power of community insights to support stronger community outcomes.


We work with our customers to make sure they get the most value from their investment in Local Voices through focusing community investment and engagement strategies, internal decision making and interactions with other key local stakeholders on the issues that matter most to community.


We track key issues in the relationships between our customers and the communities they work alongside, over time and in real time. We do this using brief Pulse surveys-again, every completed Pulse survey unlocks community rewards and this data is provided back to community members.

Ways to get involved

Have your say about what’s important to you

• Direct your unfiltered voice to companies in your area

• Confidential – no personal details disclosed to organisations

• Earn donations for local community not-for-profit groups

• Become an ambassador and spread the word

• Help your community inform decisions that affect you

• Express your interest below